Welcome to kitsunesforest.com, the site dedicated to the many faces, facets, and expressions of Kitsune Fox, moi. Please enjoy looking around, sign the guestbook, and please visit the other sites on kitsunesforest.com.

Updates for 7-08-10
Wow, it's been a bit, hasn't it? Trying to graduate from college will do that to you. Just a new layout meaning history and layout info have been updated. I'll try to get some more updates up soon.
Updates for 07-13-08
Another small update ^_^. I added another new hostee - Jamie of Sailor Signs! Make sure to go and check her site out. ^^
Updates for 07-10-08
It's time for a big update! A new layout compliments of Mo' from Sailor Moon S: The Aftermath! A nice, cute, bright summer layout! ^_^ Also, new link in banners - 2 new buttons and 2 new banners, one of which is from Mo'. I also updated history and layout info to reflect the layout change and all that. My contact info has also been moved to the "Domain" tab (the big cute D) and no longer has its own tab.
Updates for 07-08-08
Well it's been a while hasn't it. ^^; First up, Kitsune's Registry - my blog of all website updates - has been moved and layout tweaked a little (still Trowa though <3). I also have a new affiliate/sister site - Sailor Moon S: The Aftermath. I'm playing the voice of Ami-chan ^^ Make sure to check it out. Along with being a new affiliate, SMS:AM is also now an official hostee here at kitsunesforest.com (woo- we grew a little! ^^). Oh , old news, but a new AMV was added a while back - make sure to check that out, too. ^^
Updates for 03-26-07
Not much - just added my new sister site Tora's World! As a result, I will no longer be hosting Tora's websites minus her Blue Seed one ^^;
Updates for 03-08-07
Becca and Foxinmon's Treehouse is all moved now. W00t! Night Prowlers has also been moved and is now hosted here at kitsunesforest.com. And the most obvious - the new layout. It just came out so nice. *_* Now to start working on my stories. ^^
Updates for 11-29-06
Becca and Foxinmon's Treehouse still isn't moved...^^;; But I did make it possible to download all my AMVs again as well as added a new one. If it takes up too much bandwidth, I'll put them on a rotation.
Updates for 9-24-06
All right, Becca's BSB Page is now all moved and the link is active. Now all that is left is Becca and Foxinmon's Treehouse. ^_^
Updates for 7-27-06
Well, pretty much all of kf.com has been added. All that's lacking is my original stories. I'm in the process of moving my websites from angelfire to here. Becca's Sailor Moon Paradise is almost done. ^^ I've taken away the option of downloading two of my AMVs to help with bandwidth. You can still watch them on YouTube, though. ^^
Updates for 7-09-06
OPENING DAY! ^^ Welcome to the grand opening of kitsunesforest.com. Pretty much all links here are working. My other sites may not be completely done, though. ^^; There will be some dust for a little while, but the moving process is coming along.