Past Layouts

Layout Name: Version Kitsune
Running time: July 2006-March 2007
This picture is the first one that I ever colored in Adobe Photoshop 7. It took me about 2 hours to color it. It was quite a task. I made a layout around it because I felt that should have a layout with me as the main focus. Everything was done in Photoshop and coded by me. Simple but functional and elegant.

Layout Name: Version Sakura
Running time: March 2007-July 2008
::Note - Sakura means cherry blossom:: I meant to do this layout a long time ago, but time constraints prevented it. So, one day I sat down and just colored for about an hour and voila. Originally I had planned to just do the cherry blossom leaves, but after constructing the flower, and it looking so good I decided to go with the entire flower. This is definitely one of my more experimental layouts because originally I was afraid of really weird coding. Thankfully, it wasn't too bad. ^^ I love the image; it really looks pretty. I don't really like the color pink, but it worked well. So far, this has got to be my favorite layout, which is probably why I kept it for over a year

Layout Name: Version Kodomo [children]
Running time: July 2008-July 2010
This layout is a present to me from Mo' of Sailor Moon S: The Aftermath - a production I'm lending my voice for. To be honest, the entire layout was a surprise. She asked me if she could make a layout for or one of my other websites, and I said sure. ^^ She let me see the test run, and I did the coding for the image map and the splash image. It's such a happy, bright layout. I love the colors as well; I think it matches quite well. ^^ Thank you Mo'! It ended up running two years while I graduated from college.

Layout Name: Daisy Dreams
Running time: July 2010-June 2017

This layout ran for a long time. This was the last layout I did the year after I graduated with my bachelor's degree before my life got realy hectic and busy. This layout was based on an old file I found for a pre-made layout I had been tinkering with for Night Prowlers. Like most of my other web design work, it reflects the style of the early 2000s that is kind of out of date now. Part of the reason I am updating my website after so long is to try and combine my old knowledge with updated HTML and CSS. I still love the simplicity of this layout and what it represents in the history of my growth.

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