My name is Rebecca McManamy, and I am a person of many different passions and interests. I am in my early 30's and have been playing around with web development since I was 13 years old. I am a high school history teacher by trade that dabbles in artwork, web design, video games, writing, and other nerdy/geeky things. and my interest in web design started in 2000 when my sister started a Backstreet Boys site. I decided I wanted to be cool like her and make one as well. Thus began my journey into learning HTML.

As time went along, I opened up a Sailor Moon site and a Digimon site. I also became a co-owner to one of my friend's site. Then, I started making graphics in Microsoft Paint. They weren't the best, but they were nice. And I had fun doing them. I made a whole lot of them, and, along with my then-friend Tora, opened up Night Prowlers (Night Prowlers coming from the nickname of my close friends as a group).

Along that time, Suzanna-sama, whom I had known from ::Insanity:: and LiveJournal, offered to host Night Prowler. Overjoyed and forever grateful, I took her up on the offer. Before I knew it, Night Prowlers was up and looking beautiful. And I do mean beautiful. No ads and plenty of space to spare.

That's when I realized that I wanted all my sites to look that nice. Even though I didn't really update them anymore, I was tired of actually making nice layouts and then them being ruined by ads and small amounts of space. I decided I wanted to buy my own space and name.

From that desire came Kitsune's Forest. I have always had a fascination with Japan, and one of my favorite animals is the fox. Originally from East Texas, I love forests and the idea of being surrounded by trees. The domain uses all three of these - love of Japan, love of foxes, and love of forests.

Beyond that, there is not much to say about me. I teach full time and dabble with my hobbies as time allows. I graduated with my Masters in History in December 2016 and have no plans to continue my education further at this time.

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