These are all sites owned by me (Kitsune) that are hosted on None are being actively updated at this time.

Becca's BSB Page: My first website, dedicated to the Backstreet Boys. After about a year it was turned into a BSB/Sailor Moon site. It's not really updated anymore.

Becca's Sailor Moon Paradise: My second website, and the one I spend a good amount of time on. Obviously, a Sailor Moon fan site. It's still updated when I can.

Becca and Foxinmon's Treehouse: My third site, and I still try to update it when inspired. A FDD (a fictional digi-destined) site that hasn't gotten any further than season 01 of Digimon.

Night Prowlers Anime Graphic Shop: NPAGS became hosted for me by the wonderful Suzanna-sama after it had been opened a few months on angelfire. *hugs* Thank you to Suzanna-sama for being kind enough to host it for me all for almost 3 years! It's the site I probably spend the most time and energy on.

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